"Christmas Tree Hair" Is All Over Instagram This Holiday Season

We bow down to the dedication, you guys.

Christmas is almost here. You've probably already pulled your ugly sweaters out from the back of your closet and dusted off your festive decor, and now it's time to get creative on the beauty front. Some of the options available to you include glittery cheeksfoiled hairstylesoutrageous false eyelashes, and of course, entire holiday scenes painted on eyelids. Yes, Christmas is pretty much the new Halloween.

As such, makeup and hair fiends are pushing their styles in new and slightly insane directions. Allow me to present: "Christmas tree hair."

Here's the lowdown on nailing Christmas-tree hair: The look requires pulling long hair straight up into a triangular or cone shape, perhaps with the assistance of a water bottle or foam cone, and spraying it into oblivion so it maintains the shape of a pine tree.

Then you're free to go really nuts. You can decorate with tiny Christmas balls or other ornaments (dangly earrings work particularly well here), lines of glittery rope, a star topper, and even electric lights. Some ladies are even utilizing temporary green dye to really bring it home.

For sure, the trend is loco. But what a way to triumph at your ugly-sweater party, right?! Or distract guests from political talk of any kind? It serves a multitude of purposes!

Here's a bunch of inspo to add to your Christmas tree hair mood board to get you going:

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Pair of butts painted like pumpkins