The 20 Prettiest, Most Inspiring Hairstyles for Fall

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It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has stepped foot outside this summer that 2018 is the 4th hottest year in all of the Earth's history (save for, like, the whole dinosaur-fire era). Which is why I'm unbelievably amped for fall—a time of definitively less boob sweat, a surplus of sweaters, and, of course, all of the soft and tumbly braids, waves, and curls that have been hiding in messy buns all summer.

So to get you on my level of excitement—and make you forget about your chafed thighs—I present to you the prettiest, most inspo-worthy hairstyles to start experimenting with today, tomorrow, and every single day until winter comes and forces us all to hide our hair under several layers of scarves and beanies.

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1 This Perfectly Divided Bun-Hawk

Let’s talk hair manipulation. One of the reasons why my hair has flourished is because I don’t manipulate my hair often. In this photo, my hair looks amazing and the style is dope but this is a style I would do only once in a while because of the constant manipulation I would have to do. When I do my regular Braidouts, twistouts, perm rod sets, etc. I do my hair while it is wet to cut down on extra breakage. Because my hair is type 4 and extremely thick, if I do my hair when it’s dry then it takes a bunch of extra work from detangling (which will cause excess breakage), styling, and ultimately feels super dry. It’s just not worth it to me which is why I style my hair when it is soaking wet 90% of the time. Actually, 95% of the time. I don’t have to worry about moisture too much during the week because water is the ultimate moisturizer and I seal it with an oil or my leave in and then style my hair. By the time I unravel the twistout it feels moisturized and I won’t have to moisturize it until about 3 days later and most times I won’t have to moisturize it at all until my next wash day. Of course the porosity of your hair plays a part as well. But yes, low manipulation is key, I don’t re twist my hair during the night, I just put it in 3 ponytails and throw my bonnet on. Hope this helps some of you. . . . #naturalhairdoescare #4chairchicks #myhaircrush #teamnatural_ #teamnatural #naturallyshesdope  #berrycurly #kinkychicks  #protectivestyles  #voiceofhair  #naturalhairloves #respectmyhair  #unconditionedroots #healthy_hair_journey #hairnbeautydirectory #naturalhair #blackboldandnatural #naturalhairbloggers #essencemag #naturallycurly #naturalgirlsrock

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3 This Choppy, Heavily Layered Ponytail
4 These Silk-Tied Curls

This hairstyle looked cuter in my head 🎀

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7 This Glossy Criss-Cross Ponytail
8 These Wet-Look Finger Waves

🖤 @prettylittlething

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9 This Textured French Twist

good messy.

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10 This softly pinned and back-bombed chignon

“I woke up like this” kinda bun! #effortless #messybun #myfav

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12 This low and loose chignon

Messy Monday amiright? Tutorial on this style is linked in the bio 💗

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13 This twisted and linked undercut
14 This pierced side braid
15 This twisted, half-up fishtail braid

Trying to figure out a fun place to go on our next braidcation® 🕌🏔🏖🏯🏰🛣

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16 This side-swept braided bun


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18 This braided and linked ponytail

Another shot of these braids ✨

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19 These voluminous cherry curls
20 This soft pinned-back braid

Love this braid! 😍 | @emmachenartistry

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