Keke Palmer Just Dyed Her Hair—And Eyebrows—Platinum

'Tis the season for bleach, apparently.

Keke Palmer
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When it comes to beauty, Keke Palmer is the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. First, there was her honey-blonde blowout—a striking look that the 30-year-old rocked for multiple events. Now, she's gone even blonder. The blondest you can go, actually.

This week, Palmer posted a couple videos to her Instagram feed showing off freshly bleached eyebrows and a curly platinum updo. In the first clip, the cozied-up actress used her brows for a full range of emotions as she belted a selection of Christmas carols—including her own "Home For the Holidays" track from 2007's Disney Channel Holiday album, moving the camera to show her family members hanging out in the background.

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"Home for the Holidays!!!!!!! I’m so grateful to God for my family. I know the holidays can bring up mixed feelings for people. It’s a challenge at times to be happy when there is so much going on in the world that can make you angry or sad. However, family, which doesn’t just mean blood relation, is what makes it all greater. Focusing on the love you DO have in your life and the GOOD things the world does have to offer, becomes to gift of the holidays when you can allow it," she wrote.

"I’m wishing you all so much joy even if you are in hard times. May God bless you and heal your heart and remind you that as the seasons change so do the times," she added. "Let’s make the best of it, love to all!"

In a separate video posted Monday, December 18, Palmer sang along to a Doja Cat track in the back of a limo. While her glasses hid the brows, the blonde hair was on full display in a similar '90s-style updo. "BLONNNNNDDDEEEEEE," commented a fan on the clip. That's all I have to say, too.

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