Kylie Jenner Is Back in Her Pink Hair Era

King Kylie, at your service.

Kylie Jenner pink hair
(Image credit: @kyliejenner on Instagram)

All hail the king! King Kylie, that is. After years spent roaming the world without a leader in all things lip kits, streetwear, colorful hair, and Snapchat stories, fans can rest easy knowing their monarch has returned. Yes, Kylie Jenner has officially reentered her most iconic era, and she fully marked the occasion.

On Tuesday, January 16, the 26-year-old shared a series of photos to Instagram that made me do a "what year is it?" double take. Snapped casually in the car, the selfies feature a glam Jenner with freshly dyed bubblegum-pink hair. While most of her makeup is as soft-girl as it's been lately, her matte pout marks yet another return to form. And I can just see the length of that pink mani growing.

Kylie Jenner

(Image credit: @kyliejenner on Instagram)

"hiiiii remember me," wrote the KHY founder in the posts caption, obviously knowing she was about to break the internet. Not five minutes later, the comments were flooded with crown emojis.

While the King Kylie era was a truly you-had-to-be-there moment in time, I'll explain it the best I can. Circa 2014, as the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister was gaining major popularity, she dubbed herself "King Kylie." At the time, she was all about the grunge look, rocking skull prints, a colored bob, and loads of leather. Unfortunately, King Kylie's reign ended when the Kylie Cosmetics founder embraced a more elevated aesthetic. But we knew she couldn't stay away for long.

It should be said that Jenner's return to her roots didn't arrive entirely out of the blue. Back in November, she hinted at a return of King Kylie while rocking an all-black outfit for a date night with Timothée Chalamet. The first drop from her KHY clothing line was also King Kylie-coded, consisting of leather pieces co-created with the brand NAMILIA.

And now, it's official. All hail the King.

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