You Must See Lea Michele's New Maxed-Out Eyebrows

Who knew that's what she had going on underneath her bangs this whole time?
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Pull up your mental #browgoals Excel sheet and make room somewhere between Collins, Lily and Olsen, Ashley: There's a new arch champ in town, and her name is Lea Michele.

The Glee star took a recent turn on the red carpet with darker, thicker arches than we've ever seen on her before, and the Internet was either like, "Does not compute" or "Houston, we have a problem." True, they're much more aggressive than the shorter, neatly trimmed eyebrows of her past, but hey—it's 2014. (And hopefully we've evolved enough not to make fun of someone who's only trying to do what we're all trying to do: cop Cara Delevingne's look. Or, you know, embrace what our mamas gave us.)

Besides, if you look back a few years like we did below, you can tell it's a simple case of her MUA going a little heavier with the pencil that day. Let's take a look, shall we?


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Notice the thinned-out ends and snipped fronts? Just four years later, those are already somewhat outdated beauty moves.


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Much improved, no? Those tails are growing in nicely.


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We're getting there! You can see the beginnings of what some beauty authorities call the "fan," which is when the inner corners stand straight up and feather out. (You want a fan.)

October 2014

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And this is how it's done: full yet groomed, with two glorious fans.

December 2014

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See our note above about the overdrawing. But at least you know she's got brows on fleek underneath 'em. 

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