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Beyoncé's Anti-Aging Secrets Are Now Yours for the Taking

Body lotion is so passé.
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For too long, it's felt like Beyoncé's Mysterious Fountain of Youth has been under lock and key. How is her skin so glowy? How are there no lines? How does she get *more* gorgeous year after year? Fortunately for us, that classified information appears to have—finally—been disclosed.

In an interview with The Cut, Bey's longtime makeup man and newly-minted L'Oréal Paris celebrity artist John Barnett is sharing his anti-aging secrets, which we can only assume he's passed on to Bey, who's followed them diligently—she strikes us as the kind of woman who religiously takes her makeup off before bed, no?

Here, find the three-step anti-aging plan that has us ponying up for all the eye cream and kale smoothies our disposable income—or rather, our lack thereof—can buy.

1. Use eye cream all over the face

"It has smaller particles as it's meant to deliver ingredients to an area that's more delicate, so it really absorbs," Barnett told Estée Edit. However, in addition to being a decidedly more expensive technique, it could be risky depending on the formula. According to celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau, you should take precaution, because using eye cream on your face could 1) clog your pores due to its intensive moisturizing ingredients and 2) increase breakouts since the active ingredients could be too active for your skin.

2. Use face cream on your body

Suffice it to say, Barnett takes a head-to-toe approach when it comes to anti-aging. "Most women concern themselves only with the area from hairline to the chin," he told The Cut. "It's not about that. It's about bringing the conversation of skin care into the décolleté, onto your back, and into your legs."

3. Drink kale—and lots of it

You know what we're going to say: Gorgeous, healthy skin starts on the inside. "Get your skin into good condition; drink kale," he advises. "Kale is very high in vitamin K and it increases circulation and helps cell turnover. If you approach your makeup with a holistic approach to health, everything else seems a bit easier."

Read The Cut's full interview with Barnett here.

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