I Started Highlighting My Brows and Here's Why I'm Addicted

It's lit ✨.

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My brows, in all their contentious glory, are kind of my thing. Because they are so dark, thick, and pronounced, I usually don't do a thing to them. But that's changed ever since I got my hands on Benefit's new, nine-piece brow range launching later this month. The game-changer? Learning to "highlight" brows as you would hair.

"Sometimes when brows are too thick or filled in with only one color, the look can be flat and one dimensional," explains  Jared Bailey, Benefit's global brow authority. "Just like the hair on your head, there is only one way to break up that color block and bring depth and dimension back to your brows and that's highlights."

Woman Applying Benefit 3D Browtones to Eyebrows

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But in favor of harmful dyes, you can achieve the look by swiping on Benefit's new 3D Browtones. Unlike most gels or mascaras, the pearlized formula doesn't fully coat the hair, but simply creates a glaze over the brow that enhances color. And thanks to the custom, turbine shaped wand, you just brush it over the brows and the spiraled bristles pick up the hairs and deposits the highlights exactly where they need to be. No expertise necessary. 

When I tried the light/medium shade on my monochrome, jet-black arches, it gave me super natural-looking babylights that complemented my bleach-blonde hair. You could only see them up close, but I think it's better that way. And if you have super-light brows that are better suited for lowlights, there's the light/medium hue shade, too.

But seeing the light brow-wise doesn't end there. Your brow bone needs some love too. A strobe-y counterpart to balayage brows, you can illuminate and sculpt the area below your arches with the High Brow Glow crayon. Just apply the pencil under the brow following the arch, and lightly blend. For extra luminosity,  apply two dots above your arch. 

Between highlighting my brow hairs, brow bones, and inner corners (more on that here) my perpetually-tired-as-hell gaze is more lit than ever. And, just in time for summer...

Shop (beginning June 24): Benefit 3D BROWtones Instant Color Highlights, $24; ulta.com and Benefit High Brow Glow Pencil, $22; benefitcosmetics.com.

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