The Crystal Lips Trend Is About to Blow Your Mind

Your amethyst bookends just became #inspo.

Geode Crystal Lips
(Image credit: Instagram/Johannah Adams)

Lip jewelry is having a moment. So are crystals—and not just for the the Moon-Juice-chugging crowd either. So in retrospect, we should have seen the latest #lipart craze coming.

The brainchild of makeup artist Johannah Adams, who was inspired by IRL jewelry pieces, crystal lips are utterly mystical and Museum-of-Natural-History worthy. 

For each intricate lip look, Adam firsts paints the lips with metallic gold liner, then encrusts them with heavy glitter to mimic the texture of precious rocks like amethysts, pyrites, and druzy quartz. To seal everything in, she coats the lips with a slick of thick clear gloss.

As you can imagine, it's a tedious process, taking Adams at least an hour to create each custom, opalescent pout. But if Instagram is any indication, that's not stopping other MUAs from taking on the challenge—for better or for worse. 

The technique has become such a phenomenon that Adams has already launched a collaboration with trippy, Colorado-based crystal purveyor @ZeadsDead. And damn, it's impressive.

See more of our favorite crystal lip designs below:

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