Fendi's Here with the Only Beauty Look You Need Right Now

Consider your hair, makeup, and nails taken care of.

Fendi Pre-Fall 2017 Beauty Look
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Even if Beyoncé did it, nobody likes an eleventh-hour beauty change-up, mostly because there is no way to do an un-wonky kitten flick while you hightail it to the curb in time for your Uber. (Of interest: Did you know you can incur a fine for "making a mess" in an Uber but not get banned? Bless up. Kinda.) Your workaround: A standardized look that plays nice with pretty much any party outfit you throw at it, courtesy of Fendi Pre-Fall 2017. Breakdown after the pic, though we completely understand if you want to linger for a while.

Fendi Pre-Fall 2017 Beauty Look

(Image credit: Courtesy)


This is like summer's wet-look slick-back if it had gone to prep school in Massachusetts, then assisted Sam McKnight. Key: You want the top and sides smooth to suggest that you did your host the honor of washing and brushing (ha), but the ends bendy for movement—otherwise, it can get a bit severe/Poot-like. A fistful of pins, some gel, and, ugh, a comb will take care of that. More pins, this time with geometric bonbons affixed to them, are tucked in faux-haphazardly from the ear to crown a few inches back from the hairline. Or try a headband like Commander Floofypants here.


Not on fleek, thank goodness. We've got defined brows and fluttery lashes framing a bronze smokey eye, which is a severely underrated look in this age of cut creases. A plummy, hydrated mouth replaces the standard red lip, sparing Champagne flute rims everywhere. The prettiest, lowest-maintenance holiday face, done.


We'll never give up glitter or RGB Taxi, but when your manicure M.O. is "mustard yellow sounds good," short, deep red nails feel fresh—especially when your clothes are doing most of the talking. Think about it: As you reach for your 17th cocktail weenie, your fingertips will catch the light and sparkle like rubies. Magical.

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