The New Victoria's Secret Fragrance Is a Season Pusher's Dream Come True

It's got the Taylor Hill stamp of approval so...

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If there's a brand synonymous with sexy, it's Victoria's Secret. But as its latest fragrance proves, it can be sweet too. Enter the next iteration of its beloved boudoir-inspired scent Noir TeaseTease Flower. Yes, it's as perfect for spring as its moniker suggests, but in the freshest of ways thanks to a unique ingredient: mimosa flower.

Not to be confused with the brunch essential, the sweet-smelling, sparkly bloom is so distinct that Victoria's Secret's head nose Mark Knitowski traveled all the way to Morocco to unearth it. "It was something I hadn't smelled before," explains Knitowski, who teamed the sweet, warm essence with freesia, gardenia, crimson peony, and creamy coconut water to create a bouquet with a youthful twist.

"It's playful and flirty in a crisp, energetic way," he explains. "It's easy to wear in that it's really comfortable, but it's signature and has a trail. People are going to ask you about it because of that coming-out-of-the-winter-doldrums energy."

If a super-gourmand leaning fragrance isn't your style, but you want add a touch of floral-infused sultriness to your fragrance wardrobe as spring nears, this is your scent—especially come date night, according to Tease Flower's campaign face, Taylor Hill.

"Tease is really sweet, warm, and subtle, so it makes me feel really happy and sexy when I wear it," says Hill, who likes to try different scents for different seasons. "I bounce around based on my mood."

Now, let the season pushing commence in Angel fashion.

Tease Flower Eau de Parfum, $58;

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