Can This Perfume Really Trim 8 Years Off Your Age?

Review of Ageless Perfume - Smell Younger Perfume

Ageless Fantasy

(Image credit: Ageless Fantasy)

You may be getting better with age, but you better do something about that tell-tale old lady smell. The fountain of youth--or at least the scent of it--has been bottled up, and it's yours for the taking in a handy three-ounce perfume called Ageless. Inspired by research findings that the aging process produces a distinct odor associated with older women and men, the makers of Ageless decided to develop the world's first anti-age perfume, "engineered to make you smell younger." Their most shocking finding? Men that were around women who used the perfume said that they thought the women were, on average, eight years younger than they actually were. (Flattery will get you everywhere).

And before you ask, yes, you can throw out your dermatologist's business card and tell him where to stick his Botox--the makers of Ageless assure us, "prescription free youth now available! No plastic surgeries! No needles!"

Perhaps Ageless will consider diluting their formula (a combination of pink grapefruit, pomegranate, jasmine, mango and soft musk scents) into a body mist for those of us wary of that eight-year rewind? We're not sure we're ready to relive the Bush administration.

Party (and smell) like it's 1999: get your own bottle of Ageless for $120 at