Nicole Kidman's Natural Curls Made Their Red Carpet Return

A strawberry blonde icon.

Nicole Kidman Curls
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When I think of Nicole Kidman's hair, I think of straight blonde locks and Practical Magic—arguably the greatest hair movie of all time—where a red-headed Kidman and brunette Sandra Bullock play sisters with the sleekest locks ever. But for the greater part of the '90s, the 56-year-old was known for her curls. Today, I'm happy to announce they've made a triumphant return.

While most of us were sleeping on Wednesday morning, Kidman was walking the red carpet at a screening of her upcoming video series, Expats, in her home country, Australia. Instead of going for the straight, blonde locks she's typically seen with, she decided to take things back to basics for the event, wearing her hair in a tendril-filled updo, very close to her natural red hair color.

The style was created by Renya Xydis, an award-winning Australian hairdresser who, as you can see from her Instagram feed, has plenty of experience with redheads. To get the look, she used products from Dyson and Wella, pinning up the Big Little Lies actress's curls just tightly enough to hold a bun shape while tendrils cascaded down her face and back. While posing for photos in a Fendi gown, Kidman had plenty of fun with the texture, shaking her head to get the curls moving as she giggled with husband Keith Urban.

Nicole Kidman Curls

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During an interview she gave in her 40s, Kidman noted that she wanted to start embracing her natural curls to show her daughter, also a curly girl, how beautiful they were. “I almost never straighten it anymore; I let it go curly and wild,” she said. “It’s taken me 40-something years, but I embrace the curl.” Still, we rarely see the tendrils while she's out and about.

Here's to more natural texture in the new year, Nicole. It suits you.

Sophia Vilensky
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