Rihanna's New Braids Are Extra-Long and Extra-Gorgeous

The impressive plaits made their debut in Aspen.

Rihanna Braids
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While I absolutely thought sleek honey blonde hair was the look of the season for Rihanna, she just switched things up in the eleventh hour. And no, I'm not mad: how could anyone be mad at Rihanna? Especially with glam this good.

On Thursday, December 28, the Fenty Beauty mogul stepped out in Aspen, Colorado with her family, including A$AP Rocky and their kids, RZA and Riot. While the iconic crew's matching outfits were something to behold, my eyes immediately went to Rihanna's hair, newly styled in braids that reached all the way to her waist.

Rihanna Braids

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While I do spy a hint of that golden color we've grown accustomed to over the last few months in her strands, the singer's roots appeared much darker and closer to her natural hair color. However, that's possibly the night lighting and camera flash talking—I'm excited to see exactly how these braids look in the daylight.

Rihanna paired the new hairstyle with one of her signature beauty moves: a great manicure. This time, she went with a brown chrome design, with her medium-length nails rounded in shape. She showed off the manicure as she carted her children, phone, glasses, and snacks around the city, stopping for some shopping at luxe western wear store Kemo Sabe. As for makeup, she went heavy on the rosy blush, also rocking a lined, glossy lip.

Although Rocky's hair was hidden under his sweatshirt (the same oversized gray Bottega Veneta hoodie that RiRi was wearing, mind you), you could see a glimpse of his braids as well. The pair's eldest, RZA, also wore the hairstyle—though in a much shorter fashion than his mama's.

So, who inspired who? When everyone in your family is this cool, it's impossible to tell.

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