Sofia Richie Grainge Put an Intriguing Twist on Her Signature Hairstyle

It's halfway between a bun and a ponytail.

Sofia Richie
(Image credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Warner Music))

Soon-to-be mom Sofia Richie Grainge has been one of the most talked-about It Girls in Hollywood for some time now. The daughter of award-winning musician Lionel Richie and a regular on the Hollywood scene, she made headlines for her stunning hair and makeup during her highly publicized wedding in April 2023. Since then, her look has been lauded and replicated time and again, and arguably launched the 'clean girl beauty aesthetic' that took over social media for the better part of a year. The look, which is Richie Grainge's signature, consists of a low, slicked back bun with a middle part, along with pared-down makeup that accentuates one's natural features.

Signatures are made to be reinvented. Last night, at Warner Music Group's Pre-Grammy Party in Hollywood, Richie Grainge mostly stuck to her look—but added an unexpected twist. At first glance, her hairstyle appears to be her go-to low bun. In reality, it's a subtle cross between that and a ponytail. The hair gathered at the back of her head is even wrapped up like a traditional bun, but it's as though she let a few extra strands hang down the back of her neck. The result is a hybrid silhouette that shows off the length of Richie Grainge's shiny hair.

Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie Grainge put a twist on her usual clean low bun at a recent event.

(Image credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Warner Music))

Sofia Richie

A closer look at Sofia Richie Grainge's hybrid hairstyle.

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Richie Grainge's hairstyle also showed off her unconventional highlights. While a number of celebrities have lightened their hair this winter, from Lucy Hale to Rihanna to Selena Gomez, Richie Grainge's look embraces the contrast between light and dark. The style is reminiscent of the highlight trends of the early 2000s, leaning into stark contrasts rather than indulging in a more subtle blend, such as with balayage.

Considering the extent to which Richie Grainge has inspired trends in the past, there's a strong chance every aspect of her look last night—from the ponytail-bun to the visible highlights—takes over mood boards this spring.

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