Sofia Richie Is Obsessed With This "Pumpkin Spice" Lip Combo

YSL does it best.

sophia richie
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Sofia Richie Grainge has been coined as the latest “it” girl, and for good reason. Her makeup always looks perfect, and she mastered the art of the “clean” makeup aesthetic. She’s even drops "how to get the look" videos on TikTok to share her beauty tips and tricks. Read: Her lazy girl bun or wedding day makeup. Richie's latest maekup obsession comes by way of a "Pumpkin Spice" lip combo perfect for Fall.

Richie Grainge hopped on TikTok on Wednesday, October 18, to show her followers the current lip combo she's loving. To get the look, she starts with the YSL Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick, using a combination of shades 14 and 15. Sofia dabs both shades onto her lips lightly, followed by giving the lip products a chef's kiss, saying they are hydrating, lightweight, and super easy to carry around. The cherry on top is a dot of concealer, which she applies to the center of her lips. The result? A beautiful ombre lip combination you’ll also become obsessed with. 


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If Richie Grainge's trend-setting past is any indication, this lip combo is likely going to sell out—fast. Are you into her look? Shop some of her favorite products below.

Sydney Wingfield
Freelance Writer