Tineco's Best-Selling Smart Hair Dryer Is 20% Off For Black Friday

On the forecast: Better hair days.

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(Image credit: Tineco)

Your phone, watch, and home thermostat are all smart devices—so why not bring that same technology to your hair dryer? Meet the Tineco Moda One, a smart ionic hair dryer that'll make bad hair days a thing of the past. While most hot tools can lead to breakage, split ends, and stringy lengths, the Moda One is expertly designed to minimize those risks and instead yield commercial-worthy locks you'll be proud to show off. And for a limited time, from November 22 to December 5, the smart dryer is 20% off on BestBuy.com.

Vanity-worthy design aside, this workhorse is packed with game-changing features that'll keep your hair healthy, shiny, and damage-free. For one, it's engineered with multiple smart sensors, including a humidity sensor (which detects hair moisture levels more than 20 times per second) and a proximity sensor (to detect how close the styling tool is to your hair). Based on these two factors—hair moisture and distance—the dryer automatically adjusts heat and airflow accordingly to prevent extreme heat damage, offering the ultimate heat protection for your hair and scalp all while speeding up drying time.

The dryer comes with three magnetic attachments for endless styling options: a smoothing nozzle, a styling concentrator, and a diffuser. And with the ability to connect to Wifi, you'll be able to adjust heat settings or choose between the seven drying modes from your phone. Our favorite feature? The LED light ring, which offers real-time drying feedback by changing from red to blue as your hair dries, making over-drying a non-issue.