Arya Stark Reacts to Saved By the Bell IRL

and practically reads our minds.

As a quintessential '90s kid, I spent many a morning waking up at the crack of dawn to catch reruns of Saved by the Bell. But as much as I love the cheeky teens of Bayside High School, it's only to be expected that today's youngsters will be a bit shocked by the wacky '90s threads, big hair, and Zack Morris' pickup lines. With the same sentiment in mind, YouTube sensations The Fine Bros asked a slew of teenagers to watch the sitcom as part of their "Teens React" series. Among them was none other than Maisie Williams, aka Game of Thrones' Arya Stark, and her candid reaction will crack you up. "It's so embarrassing!" she exclaims, then goes on to ask the very question that's always on my mind during the show's credits: "Why don't we have intros like this anymore?"

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