Demi Lovato's Life Summed Up in 8 Hairstyles

The inspiration for your next big dye job.

From blue to pink, blonde to brunette, we can barely keep up with the fifty shades of Demi Lovato's hair. She may be young, but she's already got a career's worth of big hair moments to remember. If you're looking to switch up your own hairstyle, take a cue from Demi and find the perfect look to match your daring tendencies (or lack thereof).

Age of Innocence

Back in her Camp Rock days, Demi kept things au natural with the brown locks she was born with. Despite her bubbly Disney persona, her innocent look is fresh and innocent.

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The Start of a Hair-volution

Just a few years after Camp Rock's release, in 2011, Demi matured from Disney household name to pop artist. Of course, a hair shakeup was necessary to mark this new stage in her career—and her love life, following her breakup with Joe Jonas the year before. Her hair may have looked great, but Demi was hiding inner trauma—she was admitted to rehab for bulimia and substance abuse issues that year.

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Pretty in Pink

In early 2012, Demi was out of rehab and back on the working grind with a summer tour. She then began to experiment with color with faded pink appearing throughout her mane.

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Up, Up, and Away

Wild hair transformations aren't all about color—it's about style too! A blonde Demi rocked a uber long, uber high pony at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, and with a hair statement that big, it almost eclipsed her intricately beaded dress.

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Half and Half

Perhaps Demi was hesitant to take the plunge of dying her mane full-on bright, so instead, she went piece by piece back in the summer of 2012, dying her tips pink but keeping the top half of her locks blonde.

Black and Blue

Demi donned a new gothic-looking hairstyle back in 2013 to coincide with her new album, Demi, with a deep black base color covered in a highlighter blue.

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Drastic Mesures

Demi's more natural blonde, shorter 'do isn't as wild as the pink tips or blue and black all over look she's rocked before, but it's still a long way from her original brown locks.

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Making a Statement

The Demi we know and love today isn't afraid of any kind of risk, whether a full-on, all-over pink hairdo or a necklace that makes a serious statement (see below!)

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