The Great Instagram Debate: A Side-By-Side Comparison of the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5

Wanna be on top?

Why we did it:

As far as the smartphone debate goes, the Marie Claire editors are always torn between the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. If we're being transparent, what it really comes down to is their respective cameras and which one will serve our Instagrams best. We are fashion people, after all.

This morning, when an unsuspecting editor walked in with a brand spankin' new iPhone 6, the dispute really came to a fore. So, naturally, we pried it from her cold, dead hands and decided to host an out-and-out battle, pitting the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 against each other.

How we did it:
Given 1) our Spanx-tight deadline and 2) the iPhone owner's concern we were taking her newborn on a joyride through midtown Manhattan, we quick-and-dirty-fied the scientific method. For photo subjects, we decided to go with the standards: the food porn flyover, the landmark check-in, the still life, the motion shot, and—how could we not?—the selfie.

For controls, we put both phones on the HDR setting and used the same photographer for each round. (She also made sure to try her hardest to take the same photo both times.) Photos are unedited and cropped to fit an Instagram square.

The verdict:
Why don't you see for yourself?

Round 1: The Aerial Brunch

Round 2: The "I Was Here"

Round 3: The Still life

Round 4: The Life in Motion

Round 5: The Selfie

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