Marvel's Victoria Alonso Calls for Female Superhero Movie

Marvel's exec VP of visual effects and post-production Victoria Alonso has addressed the lack of women involved in Marvel movies.

Speaking at the Visual Effects Society Production Summit, Alonso lamented the fact that post-production was a male-dominated industry.

"You've got to get the girls in here, boys. It's better when it's 50-50," Variety quotes her as saying.

"I have been with you beautiful, handsome, talented, creative men in dark rooms for two decades and I can tell you those rooms are better when there are a few of us in them.

"So as you take this with you, please remember that it's OK to allow the ladies in. They're smart, they're talented. They bring a balance that you need."

Asked about Marvel making a female-led superhero movie in the wake of Warner Bros's Wonder Woman announcement, Alonso replied: "If it were up to me, it would be today."

Films centred around Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow and Captain Marvel have been rumored, although Marvel is yet to officially announce release dates for either.

Johansson's recent blockbuster Lucy topped the US box office on its way to $415 million in worldwide ticket sales. The actress is also expected to take the lead role in a live-action Ghost in the Shell.


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