Conan O'Brien Subtweets Madeleine Albright, Emerges with Third-Degree Burn

Get the man some aloe.

OK, Conan. Let's just think of this as a learning experience: Never subtweet a septuagenarian and think you can get away with it, because she will see it, and she will trounce you at your own game.

To while away the time on a rainy Thursday afternoon, the comedian posted the following comment, unknowingly inciting a conflict the likes of which have never been seen before:

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Ooooooh. A critical hit! (Aside: She knows about the period! We always forget the period! How is she THIS GOOD?)

Conan still seems pretty psyched at this point—it's not every day you have a Twitter beef with the first female Secretary of State, after all—but Madeleine's not letting him off this easily.

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Can we just declare a KO right now? Because he's not getting up from that one.

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BOOM. And with that, Conan slinks away.

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