This New Video Footage Might Prove That Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Have Ended Their Feud

Emphasis on *might.*

Getty Images

If Taylor Swift and Katy Perry's infamous feud were to come to an end, that would certainly start a big conversation—so it's appropriate that rumors of their reconciliation have Katy making a cameo in Taylor's upcoming "End Game" video.

In footage released by TMZ, Taylor can be seen filming the video on a yacht, accompanied by someone who, from a distance at least, looks a lot like Katy Perry.

According to E! News, the singers reunited in Miami, where Taylor's video shoot happened to coincide with Katy's show at American Airlines Arena in the city. Fans are, naturally, freaking out over the possibility of a truce.

Some are posting screenshots, highlighting what they see as the evidence that Katy is in the video.

Some are just generally freaking out.

And others are skeptical, given the grainy nature of the footage and the fact that neither star has confirmed the cameo.

We'll probably have to wait until the video drops to know for sure.

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