Brad Pitt Was Willing to Spend $120,000 to Watch 'Game of Thrones' with Emilia Clarke

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

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Brad Pitt is a huge Game of Thrones fan. The actor proved his devotion to the series on Saturday night at the Sean Penn J/P HRO Gala: A Gala Dinner to Benefit J/P Haitian Relief Organization at Milk Studios in Los Angeles, when he bid a crazy amount of money for the chance to watch an episode of the HBO drama with star Emilia Clarke.

How much is a watch party with the Khaleesi herself worth to Pitt? $120,000.

According to Us Weekly, Pitt seemed bored at the beginning of the auction, but perked up when the chance to geek out with Clarke went up for bidding. He jumped in with an $80,000 bid and eventually raised to $120,000. That was his limit though—he bowed out when the bidding hit $150,000 and some lucky (and very, very wealthy) fan won the experience for $160,000.

The event was a prime moment for Thrones fans to geek out. Kit Harington (AKA Jon Snow) was also in attendance and even posed for a picture with his onscreen love interest/aunt.

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