The 21 Most Memorable Moments from 'America's Next Top Model'

Just keep smizing.


Yesterday, Tyra Banks brought us some sad news: After spending more than 12 years and a total of 21 seasons (sorry: cycles) asking us if we want to be on top, America's Next Top Model will be coming to a close: Cycle 22 will be the series' last. It seems like only yesterday we decided we weren't "here to make friends," got a regrettable pixie cut, and learned how to smize. But as Tyra (not us!) suggested, perhaps it is time. Here, in no particular order, 21 of the best, craziest, and weirdest ANTM moments we'll never forget:

Eve losing it over a tarantula:

Catie losing it over her fear of heights:

When the models posed with Fabio for fake romance novel covers:

When Danielle had to walk in impossibly high heels...and then crawl off the runway:

Jade. Everything about Jade:

When Tyra taught us about posing:

And how to smize:

And the meaning of fierce:

All the times Tyra showed off her "acting skills":

When the models had to dodge pendulums while walking a runway:

This terrifying music video from the all-stars cycle:

When Rebecca collapsed in the middle of judging...just as one of the judges told her, "You need to work on your presence": 

When Shandi hooked up with the Italian model:

When Tyra dressed like a kangaroo:

Janice Dickinson. Everything Janice Dickinson:

When they introduced Isis, the show's first transgender contestant:

When Robin refused to do the nude shoot...after she'd already "shaken her chest" in front of Tyra:

When Camille introduced us to her signature walk:

When Eva and Ann defaced Cassie's brownies:

All the makeovers...and meltdowns:

And, of course, Tyra's perfect "I was rooting for you" moment:

We sure will miss you ANTM.

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