Kylie Jenner and Tyga Take Couple Dressing to the Next Level

Nothing says love like matching letterman jackets.

Getty Images

For most couples, outfit coordinating involves just wearing the same color—a light blue suit on George, a light blue dress on Amal, for example. But Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend/maybe fiancé Tyga outdid everyone's casual wear when they wore matching monogrammed varsity jackets on the set of Tyga's music video this weekend in Los Angeles. Here they are, doing their take on high school sweetheart dressing:

The jackets themselves are different colors, which maybe means the two are repping different teams or schools? So fingers crossed this video has a West Side Story theme.

But note the detail—they have the same pants, and Tyga's shoes match Kylie's sleeves. That's some real planning. A+, kids.

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