Watch Kim Kardashian Realize She Forgot to Tell Scott Disick About Baby No. 3

"Is this a joke? Do you not know we’re having another baby?"

Poor Scott Disick. Turns out the Lord, as he likes to be called for some inexplicable reason, had absolutely no idea that Kim Kardashian was expecting another baby via surrogate because everyone forgot to tell him—and he was in a complete state of shock when he casually showed up at Kim's house and discovered her nursery.

In a clip from Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Scott seems befuddled to hear the news. "I’ll be quite honest, I don’t even know what this room is," Scott said when he stepped into Chicago's room, adding "For another baby?!" when Kim mentioned it was a nursery.

The rest of the conversation went, awkwardly, like this:

Kim: "Is this a joke? Do you not know we’re having another baby?"

Scott: "Not really."

Kim: "Scott, we’re having a baby in a couple of months."

Scott: "Are you being serious?"

Kim, a few more confused musings later: "I never had this conversation with you?”

Ummm...can everyone please start paying attention to poor Scott? Bless.

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