Watch Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Go Behind the Scenes of "End Game"

Swift re-emerges to reveal how the hit single came about.

Taylor Swift has (somewhat?) re-emerged into the spotlight with the release of a new behind-the-scenes video on the making of her hit single, "End Game." Swift debuted the song last November as the third single of her 2017 album, Reputation. In new BTS footage shared on Friday, her and Ed Sheeran (who wrote the song) discuss how the single came about, which goes a little something like this:

Swift: "Do you remember when I played you this track and you wrote it like the next day?"

Sheeran and Swift at the 2016 Grammys.
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Sheeran: "I was in bed in New York at about 8 o' clock in the morning and I woke up because for some reason I dreamed it in my head what I was going to do."

Swift: "So it's not talent?"

Sheeran: "Yeah, it's just dreams."

Sheeran, 26, then recounts how he recorded the song and sent it to Swift a day later, while discussing what they enjoyed most about the song. Meanwhile, the friends also reveal one line of the lyrics (I've made mistakes and made some choices, that's hard to deny / After the storm, something was born on the 4th of July) was inspired by Tom Cruise's movie, Born on the Fourth of July, which Swift apparently didn't realize until now.

You can watch the full "End Game" music video below and the making of it above.

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