Watch Adele Surprise a Group of Adele Impersonators

"I've got a fake chin and a fake nose and she's drawn my lips smaller."

Adele amongst a group of Adele impersonators.
(Image credit: YouTube)

Proving her sense of humor extends well beyond her famous stage chatter, Adele joined forces with TV host Graham Norton to surprise a group of impersonators auditioning to be Adele. 

Donning a prosthetic nose and chin and a pair of gloves ("'cause of all my tattoos!"), Adele joined her imitators at try-outs, mingling with the group ("She's taken her time," she says of her own new album) before taking the stage to blow them away—and bring them to tears. Watch the video below and try not to get emotional yourself.

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Julie Kosin
Julie Kosin

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