Your First Look at Bran from 'Game of Thrones' Season 6

He's back!

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We know nothing (or very little (opens in new tab)) about Game of Thrones season six. We've seen an aggravatingly brief teaser trailer (opens in new tab), and a poster that confirms (opens in new tab) Jon Snow is probably/probably not dead, but that's about it. Today, thanks to this exclusive photo from (opens in new tab)Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab), we at least know that Bran will actually exist in the upcoming Game of Thrones season. After vanishing completely from season five, he returns looking approximately a year older, as humans tend to do. He appears to be on a horse in this image, which is interesting since, as we know from the four seasons he's been in, Bran can't use his legs and therefore can't ride a horse on his own (without the use of special straps or Hodor). The show, and a now-six-foot-tall Bran, return in April.

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