That Time Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence Became Friends on the Red Carpet

A strange friendship was born tonight.

Getty Images

Tonight on the Golden Globes red carpet, Ryan Seacrest introduced Jennifer Lawrence to J.Law superfan Katy Perry on live TV. It started with a hug—friendly!—and then got a tad awkward. A starstruck (and possibly nervous?) Katy invited the actress to pet her hair. "I have a Bumpit in here, as seen on TV," she said. 

Jen checked and confirmed. "Yes, you do."

Then Katy discussed seeing Joy. "Yeah, I saw it alone by myself in Santa Barbara in my Victoria's Secret Pink sweats and I was like, 'I can make it in the world. You inspired me!'" There was a lot of feeling:

J.Law thanked her and then Ryan broke it off, ushering Katy off the camera. New friendship: a hard thing to create when you're on camera and only have 30 seconds.

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