Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Reportedly Split Because They Couldn't Agree on Where to Live

This is so sad.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are splitting after just two years of marriage, and the reported reason why is extremely sad. Per ET, location had a lot to do with the couple's decision to part ways—with Justin wanting to move back to New York City, and Jennifer feeling like Los Angeles was home.

Turns out Justin always considered himself to be a New Yorker, and his preference for the city has been a "major issue" for them. "Justin has a very diverse friend group, and he likes that they're not all 'in the industry,'" ET's source says. "He's friends with people in the restaurant world, writers, comedians, artists, tattoo artists. It's an eclectic group and he doesn't have that type of network in L.A."

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Jennifer and Justin photographed in NYC.

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Jennifer did eventually agree to move to NYC, and Justin "even negotiated with the paps to make a deal that they would only shoot her once per day and then leave her alone." He also reportedly agreed to move out of his own apartment, and head to the West Village—which presented a whole new slew of issues.

The couple is said to have not been able to escape paparazzi, and their neighbors resented their construction projects—to the point where one of them may have covered Justin's motorcycle in slices of bologna. "It made for an awkward living situation for Jen and Justin because they knew the neighbors weren't happy....She just never really could get settled in, she wasn't happy [in New York]."

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Jennifer and Justin leaving a restaurant in West Village.

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The couple ended up moving back to L.A., but Justin reportedly spent much of his time in the city. Even when Jennifer accompanied him, "she rarely stayed at his place, she preferred hotels. Justin, on the other hand, did not like staying at hotels—especially uptown. He eventually convinced her to at least stay in hotels with him downtown, like the Bowery hotel."

Eventually, their differences reportedly became too overwhelming and they decided to lovingly split. "They really were a great couple. And they cared a lot about each other. Justin was always really protective of her," the source says. "They both wanted this to work."

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