No, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston Did Not Cheat on Each Other

In case you were wondering, which you definitely were.

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Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston have split after two short years of marriage (or make that "marriage," AHEM), and people are naturally wondering what went wrong. A lot of theories have been put on the table—they couldn't decide on a place to live, Justin found Brad Pitt's love notes—but cheating isn't one of them.

Despite rumors to the contrary, a source tells Us Weekly that Jennifer and Justin were 100 percent faithful to each other throughout their marriage.

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"The split is very mutual. They truly want each other to be happy and wish the best for one another," the source says. "Cheating is not the reason for the split and did not happen."

Good to know. Though speaking of Brad Pitteveryone rooting for him to get back together with Jen will likely be disappointed. Us reports that they aren't in touch, and their source says, "Jen wouldn’t consider being with Brad in a romantic way, but there is always a spot in her heart for him."

Cut to the internet being all:


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