This Is What Happens When Adele Photobombs Your Picture

Spoiler alert: it's everything you want it to be.

In anticipation of her concert special airing on Sunday, Adele traded in the emotional melodies for some lighthearted antics. With the help of British TV host Graham Norton, the 25 singer decided to sneak up  on attendees taking pictures with her "Skyfall" Oscar in the most adorable way. She photobombed unknowing fans, equipped with hilarious disguises and props and whispering one-liners ("Hello, it's me") to surprise them. 

See if you can make it through the clip without laughing (or getting jealous). Catch Adele: Live in London (opens in new tab) on Sunday, Feb 14 at 10 PM on BBC America.

[h/t The Sun (opens in new tab)

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Erica Gonzales
Erica Gonzales

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