What Went Wrong During Adele's Grammys Performance?

Damn technical difficulties. 


Adele returned to the Grammys stage for the first time in three years on Sunday with a performance of her power ballad "All I Ask." Unfortunately for Adele, things were far from perfect on the technical side. It was out of her control, there were gasps in the air, and like a true star, Adele powered through and still slayed it.

It's quite painful to watch her realize there's nothing she can do but sing, but it's a joy to be reminded of her talent.

Adele deserves a lot of things, including all the Grammys next year, and so many more Grammys in years to come. But she does not deserve this. In true form, the Internet is mad at the poor soul responsible for making sure the audio was smooth. Good luck to this person or persons. 

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