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Awards season hype is in full swing and the ultimate event is almost here: The Oscars. We have your all-access pass inside the star-studded event celebrating this year's acting and film achievements. Marie Claire's very own senior fashion editor, Zanna Roberts Rassi, will be taking over our Snapchat on Oscar Sunday.

Roberts Rassi will be snapping from the ceremony to give us an inside peek at all the action. We can guarantee that there will be no shortage of memorable moments: Chris Rock is hosting, Lady Gaga is performing, Jennifer Lawrence will be there in all her J-Law glory, and every other boldface name imaginable will be attending. Expect the fashion game to be on fleek from A-lister's and red carpet rookies alike. And the most pressing question of all will finally be answered: is this Leo's year?! 

Follow Roberts Rassi on Oscar Sunday, February 28th, starting at 1 p.m.  EST from the Roosevelt Pool and tune in to watch The 88th Annual Academy Awards at 7pm on ABC. After all, it's Hollywood's most glamorous night—you don't want to miss it.

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