Watch The Weeknd Sing His 'Fifty Shades' Song at the Oscars

Carrying the torch for the movie's lone Academy Award nomination.


Because the Oscars failed to get anything right this year, the Academy saw fit to give last year's masterpiece Fifty Shades of Grey only one nomination, in the Best Original Song category for The Weeknd's "Earned It." Surely it deserved at least an honorary trophy for Best Use of Riding Crops, but no dice. Anyway, The Weeknd performed the song (which already won a Grammy earlier this month for Best R&B Performance) at Sunday's night ceremony, complete with a string section and an aerialist. If nothing else, his appearance is guaranteed to pique your mom's interest in the Fifty Shades soundtrack, providing she doesn't already own it. You don't know what she gets up to when you're not home! 

The other nominees in the Best Original Song category are "Writing's on the Wall" by Sam Smith from Spectre, "Til It Happens to You" by Lady Gaga from The Hunting Ground, "Simple Song #3" by Sumi Jo from Youth, and "Manta Ray" by J. Ralph from Racing Extinction. It does not matter who wins because this category has been invalid since 2014, when the Academy failed to nominate Lana Del Rey for "Young and Beautiful" from The Great Gatsby.

P.S. E L James approves!

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