Adele Invited Her Doppelgänger to the Stage to Take the Sweetest Selfie Ever

Because Adele is truly the very best. 

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Emily Bamforth has been getting compared to Adele for a long time—she even posts makeup tutorials on Youtube explaining how to get the singer's iconic look. 

So when the 27-year-old superfan attended an Adele concert in Birmingham, England, on Tuesday night, her fiancé Tom Winkler couldn't resist the opportunity to get the doppelgängers to finally meet face to face. 

"All I did was very politely stand up with my hand up and asked her a question," Winkler told the Daily Mail. "I'm 6' 8", only two rows from the front. She called me handsome."

Ever the sweetheart, Adele immediately invited Emily onstage for the cutest selfie ever. 

"This has made her night," Winkler said. 

Do you see any resemblance? 

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