Chloë Grace Moret​z Hints That Brooklyn Beckham Cheated In Her Instagram Story

She referenced a very particular Cardi B song.

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Following on from THAT photo of Brooklyn Beckham very publicly making out with a model, Chloë Grace Moretz seems to have responded to the news that she's no longer dating the photographer.


While Beckham was kissing Wood, Moretz was doing what most of us were this past weekend—listening to Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy. And in a seemingly apt post on her Instagram Stories, Moretz referenced one Cardi B song in particular—"Be Careful."

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Already, "Be Careful" is known as an anti-cheating anthem, which features the infamous refrain, "Gave you TLC, you wanna creep and shit/ Poured out my whole heart to a piece of shit." So, the fact that Moretz singled out this song over all others seems pretty poignant, given those photos of Beckham engaging in PDA with someone else.

Moretz and Beckham's relationship has been on-again-off-again since 2014. But the couple seemed to be going strong just over a month ago, when Moretz wished Beckham a happy birthday, by writing on Instagram, "Never Stop Smiling, I Love You, Happy Birthday Brooklyn 🎈♥️":

But over the weekend (via The Sun), Beckham was spotted at the Honorable Society Tattoo Parlor, with Canadian model Lexi Wood. Their very public displays of affection suggested that he's no longer with actress Moretz.

Of course, it's totally possible that Moretz was just listening to Cardi B's new album and didn't mean anything with her Instagram post. But as the pair never announced their breakup, the timing of Moretz's post definitely hints at discord.

Amy Mackelden

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