Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Traveled to Rome Together and Met the Pope

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom met the Pope.

On Saturday, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom met the Pope. No big deal, right?

Perry and Bloom were at The Vatican attending the "United to Cure" Conference on the cure for cancer, at which Perry was speaking, according to E! Online.

On her Instagram Story, Perry explained that she was there to give a talk on meditation, accompanied by her mom, her manager, and her "darling," Bloom.

Perry and Bloom's appearance together in Rome, along with her declaration that he's her "darling" on Instagram, seems to confirm that the couple, who broke up in February 2017 after 10 months of dating, are back together.

Fans had already been speculating about a romantic reconciliation between the two star. During the first live elimination episode of American Idol on Monday, Perry was asked about her relationship status and confirmed that she was seeing someone—even though she was vague about who that might be.

"I have been spoken for and speak for myself...And I'm very happy!" she told Entertainment Tonight.

Perry was in good spirits during the trip to Vatican City and even posted a video of herself having a little silly fun on her Instagram Story. "Never not being me," she captioned the clip.

The couple dressed for the occasion in all black, Perry in a black veiled hat and a matching black ruffled dress and Bloom in a classic black suit.

As the Pope made a speech, Perry and Bloom wore headphones to listen to an English translation.

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After meeting the Pope, Perry and Bloom continued their Roman holiday, exploring the Sistine Chapel and Colosseum.

Just a typical, casual date, right?

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