The Palace Is Reportedly Worried About the Harry and Meghan Lifetime Movie Love Scene

Buckingham Palace is reportedly worried about a love scene in the upcoming Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Lifetime movie.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will walk down the aisle on May 19th in Windsor, England. Just days before, on May 13th, Lifetime will air its take on their love story, Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance.

If you think that he royal family is above paying attention to things like Lifetime movies, however, you would be wrong. Apparently, Buckingham Palace is very aware that the movie is happening and they're not thrilled about it.


Queen Elizabeth's press office has been keeping up with the TV movie's trailers and they're worried about one scene in particular—a love scene that shows Harry and Meghan in bed together, Vanity Fair reports.

"What I’ve heard is that they’re seriously worried about the sex scene," director Menhaj Huda said. He even revealed his palace source, just to prove his intel is legit: "My wife’s best friend has been dating the press secretary of the palace." Now, let's just hope the palace press secretary doesn't get fired for leaking reactions to people who would leak them to people who would leak them to the press.

The movie's creative team doesn't seem too concerned by the palace's qualms anyway. "Let them worry," producer Merideth Finn joked during a panel discussion in Beverly Hills with the movie's stars, Parisa Fitz-Henley (who plays Meghan) and Murray Fraser (who plays Harry). "People have sex."

The movie includes a lot of real moments from the couple's lives, along with imagined behind-the-scenes reactions. Scenes in the film include the couple’s trip to Botswana, their now-famous proposal, Meghan meeting Kate Middleton, Harry lobbying for Meghan to be allowed to keep her lifestyle blog, The Tig (he obviously loses that fight), and even a scene in which Harry confronts Princess Michael of Kent about the offensive brooch she wore when she met Meghan.

"We would literally be writing a draft and [co-screenwriter Scarlett Lacey] would e-mail me with a news item, wondering, 'Should we put this in?'" screenwriter Terrence Coli said. "In a couple of cases, we incorporated on the fly."

The brooch incident, for example, was reportedly added at the last minute.

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance airs on Lifetime May 13.

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