Meghan Markle Has Changed Princess Beatrice's Style—Here's How

Princess Beatrice has adjusted her own style since Meghan Markle joined the royal family. A fashion expert explains how Beatrice's style has been influenced by Meghan's since Markle's engagement to Prince Harry.

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Ever since her engagement to Prince HarryMeghan Markle has been a royal fashion icon. Her influence even has a name: The Meghan Markle Effect. Any time Meghan wears an item of clothing, it sells out almost immediately. Everyone, it seems, wants to dress like the Duchess of Sussex—including her new in-laws, apparently.

Princess Beatrice, Harry's cousin, has been making some style changes of her own lately. Beatrice has long been known for her bold, quirky sense of style. Think big patterns and eccentric hats.

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Beatrice's most notable style moment came in 2011, when she and her sister, Princess Eugenie, famously made headlines for the scene-stealing (read: insane) hats they wore to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. A reminder:

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Since Meghan Markle came on the scene, however, Beatrice's style has gone through a noticeable shift.

Celebrity stylist and PR agency owner Rochelle White spoke to the Daily Mail about Beatrice's sudden Meghan-inspired makeover.

"Beatrice has definitely been taking notes on the royal fashion of Meghan. She has been a big influence on fashion, trends and style and I think she has seen the power in that," White said. "This has probably made her look at her own fashion and style choices."

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"These are the looks that Meghan had before she became a royal. I think she has been inspired by past and current looks of Meghan," White continued. "Looking at her, she has grown into a more sophisticated trendy style. The styles she is choosing now are much more fashionable and on trend. I think they look much more flattering for her."

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White considers Beatrice's change welcome and says she's finally dressing her age.

"Now, I feel she has been inspired by Kate and Meghan, which has helped her review her own style and help define what works for you and what she likes," White said. "I think she is coming into her own with her fashion and style choices and is great to see. This could open up the door for her."

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