Oprah on the Royal Wedding Moment That "Literally" Took Her Breath Away

"I was unprepared for the depth of emotion I felt."

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How can you make the events on the day of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding even more of a fairytale than it already was? Tell the story from the perspective of everyone’s fairy godmother, Oprah. Now, over a month since the big day, the media mogul has shared her personal memories from being a part of the ceremony—and she’s definitely still feeling the love.

Describing May 19 as an “astounding” part of history, Oprah shared her story of being a guest at Meghan and Harry’s wedding in the upcoming issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

"I was unprepared for the depth of emotion I felt stepping onto the grounds of Windsor Castle. It literally took my breath away," she admitted. "I exclaimed out loud to no one in particular: 'Whoa! This right here is a whole 'nother level!’"

Sharing her view on Meghan’s inspiring and inclusive rise to royalty, Oprah continued: "I thought immediately of the history, the legacy, the astounding moment Meghan Markle was stepping into. And what it would take to be prepared for such a moment. The life she was leaving behind and the new world to which she was rising—all part of a destiny she helped design.”

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Looking to the future, Winfrey also added that she sees Meghan and Harry as a hopeful, modern representation of the royal family.

"I can't wait to see the goodness that will come from their union," she wrote. "Goodness that I know for sure will help change the way the world thinks about what is possible, even more than it already has."

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