Mila Kunis' Mom Couldn't Believe Her Daughter Was Dating Ashton Kutcher

"She literally was like, ‘Shut the f*ck up’ in Russian.”

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When two super candid, hilarious people have a conversation (read: Mila Kunis and Dax Shepard), they don't hold back—especially Mila, who opened up to Dax about her mom's reaction when she first started dating husband Ashton Kutcher.

“From my point of view, it took years before people embraced that Kristen [Bell] and I were an item,” Shepard began the conversation during an episode of the “Armchair Expert” podcast. “People were like, ‘Why is America’s sweetheart with a guy [who] I’ve only seen play a dumbass...I feel like there was similar blowback at first with you and Ashton. Was there?”

Mila replied, "I don’t have social media, so there probably was, and I was just shielded from it by him. I guess I didn’t realize what [any repercussions] would be, but I was like, ‘This is either going to go one way or the other.'"

“I told my mom I was seeing him. We were driving up Laurel Canyon, and I was like, ‘Mom I have to tell you I’m dating somebody. And she was like, ‘Oh tell me! Who are you dating?’ And I was like,‘You’ve got to brace yourself for this one...I’m dating Ashton Kutcher. And she literally was like, ‘Shut the fuck up’ in Russian.”

 “I was like, ‘No I’m serious. I also may be in love with him so...There were so many thoughts that she couldn’t process. There’s so many versions of his life that people thought he was that he wasn’t.”

Mila and Ashton's relationship began in 2012—almost 15 years after they originally met on the set of That '70s Show in 1998. Ashton was Mila's first kiss, and the couple are still going strong today. They became engaged in 2014, married in 2015, and have two children together: Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, 3, and Dimitri Portwood Kutcher, 1.

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