Josh Duhamel and Eiza Gonzalez Are "Done" and He Did Not Hold Back When Asked About It


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Someone get Josh Duhamel a cold flannel and a glass of water, because the man needs a time out. While leaving the gym earlier this week, the actor did not hold back when he turned to paparazzi and confirmed that Duhamel's relationship with Eiza Gonzalez is officially over.

According to MailOnline, he delivered the news with a savage blow to photographers, eloquently telling them: “If you’re looking for Eiza, we’re done.” Alrighty then.

So, after five months of dating and a relationship that seemed to be going rather well, it seems that the dream is over. Or "done," if you’re Duhamel.

Forty-five-year-old Josh and 28-year-old Eiza were first linked as a potential couple back in February and became increasingly public with their romance through the summer. Their apparent (and, judging by that tone, messy) breakup comes as somewhat of a shock, as just two weeks ago the pair attended Ashley Greene and Paul Khoury's wedding together. Proof that a lot can happen in a fortnight.

Of course, in this relationship obituary, let us not forget the moment last month when Gonzalez decided to post a bikini video on her Instagram page to 4 million followers, which also accidentally captured a naked Duhamel in the background. A highlight of any love affair, really.

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While the phrase “we’re done” doesn’t exactly suggest an amicable split, a source told People that the breakup is down to logistics more than anything. "Their work schedules were tough on the relationship," an insider said. Meanwhile, other insiders claimed that Gonzalez and Duhamel (who announced his divorce from Fergie in 2017) called it quits a couple weeks ago after “they just drifted apart.”

Well, we can’t all be whirlwind engagements and adorable Instagram posts.


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