Kylie Jenner Shares Rare Clip of Travis Scott and Baby Stormi

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After an epic 21st birthday bash, Kylie Jenner woke to even more amazing birthday surprises on Friday, courtesy of her boyfriend, Travis Scott, who is the father of Kylie's six-month-old daughter, Stormi Webster.

And, you know what? Travis did good.

First, Kylie stepped outside to a yard full of roses. Just SO. MANY. ROSES. Her entire front lawn and walkway was covered in them, some planted, some in gorgeous, bulbous bouquets, but all of the absolutely beautiful and brilliantly red. "A dream," Kylie captioned a video of the flowers on Snapchat.


Next, Kylie walked to her driveway to find a stunning, white vintage Rolls Royce that Travis just bought to say, "HBD, boo." You know, as NO ONE does. The Rolls was also part of the "a dream" video, because OBVIOUSLY.


"Love u baby happy bday," Travis casually captioned a video of the vintage car, complete with a big red bow, which he posted to Snapchat.


He also shared footage of Kylie's reaction (she freaked out, like any human would) and taking pictures of her own, with Stormi in her arms.

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Kylie commemorated the impressive gift in a picture to her Instagram grid. "A blessed birthday ✨ so grateful..," wrote in an understatement of a caption.

Kylie also shared her own video of the floral explosion that is her front yard right now.

But the real gift, to Kylie and to the rest of us? That's definitely this footage of Travis Scott being the world's most adorable dad, dancing with Baby Stormi.

Seriously, these two are the CUTEST.

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