Why You Won't See Prince George and Princess Charlotte's Back-to-School Photos This Year

The little prince starts his first day of school today.

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Name a more iconic photo than Prince George heading to his first day of primary school last year (I'll wait). The little prince took a melodramatic stroll with his father, Prince William, and his new teacher during his first day at Thomas's School in Battersea, London. Another year has quickly gone by and the five-year-old already starts his second year of primary school today, but unfortunately we won't be #blessed with any official photos of the prince this year.

According to People, William and Kate have "always made a point of treating school as a private area so that George and Charlotte can grow up in as pressure-free an atmosphere as possible." The only reason why we saw so many pictures of George last year is because of the primary school milestone after attending Westacre Montessori School Nursery since 2016.

The same goes for Charlotte, who started the new school year yesterday. In January, Charlotte had her first day at Willcocks Nursery School, a female-run preschool located at the Holy Trinity Church in London near Kensington Palace. Kate snapped adorable pictures of the two-year-old sitting on a set of steps in a little red coat, pink scarf, and backpack. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are clearly very hands-on with their children. A day after Prince Louis' birth (yes, one day!), Kate took George to school herself.

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If you're devastated about not seeing any back-to-school photos, don't fret—the royal children will make their next public appearance together at their cousin Princess Eugenie's wedding in October. Princess Charlotte, 3, will reportedly be a flower girl and Prince George, 5, will be a page boy.

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