Ryan Reynolds Trolled Blake Lively's Latest 'A Simple Favor' Photo Shoot

Ryan Reynolds left a hilarious comment on a picture from Blake Lively's latest A Simple Favor photo shoot. The actor commented on a photo of his wife standing between the legs of a naked man.

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Some husbands might be intimidate or at very least unnerved by a photo of their wife standing between the legs of a martini-wielding naked man, but Ryan Reynolds is not one of them.

Blake Lively's latest Instagram post is exactly that. In the photo, which is a promotional shot for the actress' new movie A Simple Favor, Blake wears a blue suit, complete with loosened and askew tie, while standing between the raised legs of a naked man who is lying on a kitchen counter. The man in question is the ripped AF Thomas "The Boxer" Canestraro, who holds a martini while Blake holds his legs against her shoulders and looks straight at the camera as if to say, "What of it?"

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"My turn... @asimplefavor," Blake captioned the picture, giving a photo credit shout out to photographer Tim Palen.

Clearly, Ryan could not let this photo go without a public comment. Anyone familiar with Blake and Ryan's relationship should know the comment was not of the "OMG STAHP IT PLEASE, I AM JEALOUS" or even low-key shady variety though. Continuing the couple's longstanding history of hilarious and good-natured trolling, the actor responded with a simple and perfect, "He seems nice." You can even imagine Ryan's delivery of the line.

Blake and Ryan have been playfully trolling each other on social media for ages now, and their posts always prove just how secure they are in their marriage. Here are some highlights:

The time Blake wondered why Ryan doesn't look at her like he looks at Helen Mirren:

The time Blake trolled this Deadpool ad:

The time they went down an E-Harmony joke rabbit hole:

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Never change, guys.

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