6 Things to Know About Sophie Cabot, the Baker Making Princess Eugenie's Wedding Cake

The palace has announced that London cake designer Sophie Cabot will make Princess Eugenie's wedding cake. Here's what you need to know about Cabot.

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This Friday, October 12th, Princess Eugenie will have her long-awaited royal wedding. As we get closer and closer to the big day, the palace is releasing more and more details about everything from the ceremony to the reception. The latest tidbit has to do with Eugenie's wedding cake, which will be created by cake designer Sophie Cabot and, according to the palace, will "incorporate the rich colors of autumn."

Here's what you need to know about Cabot ahead of Eugenie's wedding.

1. She's based in London.

Cabot is based in London, which makes her a perfect choice for Princess Eugenie's wedding.

2. She learned to bake from family.

According to her bio, Cabot learned her baking skills from her mother and grandmother, like many of us normals.

3. She specializes in completely bespoke cakes.

Every custom of Cabot's is treated to a totally unique cake and she describes the options she offers when it comes to customizing the sweets "endless." Not only will the taste be amazing, Eugenie's cake is sure to look incredible, too. Cabot offers covered, naked, semi-naked, ganache, buttercream, and hand-painted cakes.

While Cabot does have an existing portfolio of cakes for customers to choose from (which she promises are also customizable, delivering on the promise of totally bespoke cakes for all), Eugenie's will likely be something totally new and unique. This is a royal wedding, after all. 

4. Eugenie probably hired her a while ago.

According to Cabot's website, she requires a minimum of three months lead time for wedding cakes. If Eugenie went the route of normals, this means she booked Cabot over the summer.

Cabot's website does note, however, that "depending on schedule, orders maybe accepted at shorter notice." Catering the wedding of a princess would probably warrant activation of the shorter notice clause, so it is possible Eugenie just settled on Cabot as her baker.

On Instagram, Cabot described the gig as "the biggest secret I've ever had to keep," so it can't be that last-minute.

5. She got her start as a costume designer.

Per Cabot's website bio: "Originally a costume designer, Sophie’s artistic skills and flair comes through in her creations. She particularly loves making sugar flowers and using her hand-painting skills, giving all clients the opportunity to have a unique cake. She will endeavor to make your cake exquisite and tasty, a guarantee it will never be forgotten."

6. Her cakes are stunning.

No surprise here, Cabot's cakes are basically edible art. Some favorites from her 'gram:

If the wedding cakes on Cabot's Instagram are any indication, Eugenie's will likely be big, beautiful, and very floral.

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