The Weeknd Wished Bella Hadid a Happy Birthday on Instagram with Intimate Photos and Videos

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Bella Hadid turns 22 years old today, and The Weeknd posted a birthday Instagram to celebrate his girlfriend's special day. But unlike most birthday Instagrams, The Weeknd's 'gram felt simple, pure, intimate—an exact embodiment of how I picture their relationship.

Abel posted nine photos and one video of the couple, giving fans a closer look into their lives together. It was a lot, but it wasn't too much, which is why I'm so obsessed with them, thanks for asking.

In the first video, Bella and Abel are hanging out at a bar together. When they see someone taking a video of them from across the room, Abel leans in for a kiss on Bella's cheek. Bella gazes into the camera for a few seconds, then slowly turns and gives Abel a kiss on the lips. God, it's so angelic.

In the second photo, the couple are shown as silhouettes in a room full of blue neon lights holding on to each other.

In the third photo, they appear to be in the same room as the second photo. Bella has her back towards him with her eyes closed as Abel kisses her on the cheek.

In the fourth photo, The Weeknd sacrifices image quality to show that him and Bella do #sports.

In the fifth photo, Bella kisses Abel on a cheek in a bar. (Don't worry, we're only halfway through.)

Coming in very hot at number six, Bella and Abel exchange tongues at a party. Alexa, play "Can't Feel My Face."

Photo number seven helps recover the sloppiness with a photo in a very fahncy restaurant. Get yourself a couple who can do both.

In photo number eight, Bella and Abel channel Gabriella and Troy.

Photo number nine = no makeup vibes. Very pure.

And in a perfect 10 to end the series, The Weeknd grabs Bella's hand while she sits in a tub full of roses. Absolutely same.

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Get yourself a mans like The Weeknd. Happy birthday, Bella!

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