Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Were Gifted a Toy Kangaroo On Their First Australia Tour Stop

"Our first baby gift!" Meghan said.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry
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If you think it's been a busy day, just imagine being Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, (opens in new tab) who started the day with a baby announcement (!!) and ended it with a morning appearance in Sydney, Australia—and, yes, I said "morning," because Monday evening our time is already Tuesday morning Australia time. On their first stop on their Australia/Tonga/Fiji tour, Harry and Meghan met with Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove and his wife Lady Cosgrove, where they were given a baby kangaroo toy and tiny Uggs...the latter Harry looked utterly baffled by.

In a video shared by royal correspondent Rebecca English on Twitter, the governor general handed Meghan a toy kangaroo, complete with a joey (which I had to Google, and, if you were interested, it's a baby kangaroo in the original kangaroo's pouch). Meghan wore a fitted cream dress, and unless I'm mistaken, you could see just a touch of baby bump under her gown. "Our first baby gift!" Meghan said happily, accepting the kangaroo toy.

Then, Lady Cosgrove handed the pair of teeny-tiny Uggs to the governor general, who in turn handed the booties to Harry. You can see in English's video below that Harry looks part thrilled, part overwhelmed (confused?) by the gift, perhaps because he'd never seen a pair of Uggs quite that small before, or maybe because he was just jet-lagged. (He then pretended to refuse to hand over the Uggs to a guy in the background in uniform, which seems odd and also exactly the kind of thing I'd do after not getting enough sleep.)

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Meghan is thought to be about 12 weeks along in her pregnancy, but royal experts predict (opens in new tab) that she won't hold back on many stops of the couple's 76 engagements (!) over just 16 days. "Meghan has said before she doesn't like to sit still and I don't see this pregnancy changing that," said Jamie Samhan, royal expert and deputy editor of Royal Central (opens in new tab), in an interview with

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